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Launching Alphacare

The AlphaCare is our all-new comfortable yet robust seating system, developed with a key emphasis on safety and stability. The chair has been designed for individuals with postural instability and significant movements, such as those with Huntington’s disease, dementia, and other neurological and neuromuscular conditions, in all health and social care settings The AlphaCare underwent a rigorous two-year trial to ensure it met the highest standards of safety, stability, and seating tolerance. This extensive testing period allowed for design refinements based on user feedback and safety assessments. The final design includes advanced features that ensure unmatched user safety and stability, making the AlphaCare a revolutionary option for those with specialised postural care needs in sitting. Join our Huntington’s Webinar on the 20th June to see it live!

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CareFlex Donates HydroFlex Chair to Vranch House

Vranch House stands at the forefront of promoting and providing essential services for the care, education, training, treatment, and welfare of disabled individuals. The charity goes beyond these core activities by offering valuable assistance to parents and caregivers, recognising and addressing the unique needs of families supporting disabled individuals. As a thank you and as an appreciation for Vranch House’s remarkable work, CareFlex is delighted to announce the donation of a HydroFlex chair. We hope the chair brings years of comfort, support, and enhanced well-being to the individuals under Vranch House’s care.

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New 2024-25 Helapet Product Catalogue available now!

We are excited to announce the release of our new 2024-25 Product Catalogue. Our latest edition reflects Helapet’s continual focus on the customer experience, with an expanded introduction to our customer-led organisational culture and our commitment to protecting our environment by reducing carbon emissions. This year we have introduced a useful tab feature to our catalogue, designed to help improve customer navigation and accessibility to our growing portfolio of medical and cleanroom consumables. To facilitate quick and easy access to further information on our products, we have now included QR coding which allows readers to immediately open detailed datasheet information via mobile devices. Our new catalogue is available to download online via our website ( or you can request your physical copy today by emailing

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A Taste of Tradition

In today’s globalized world, diversity and innovation have become keystones for success in any industry. At Flexible Medical Packaging (FMP), a leading provider of medical packaging solutions, these principles are not just embraced but celebrated. With a workforce representing various cultures and a commitment to fostering creativity through initiatives like the Innovation Station, FMP is setting new standards in inclusion and advancement. Recently, the company added a sprinkle of cultural delight by celebrating Fat Thursday, known as Tłusty Czwartek in Poland, reflecting the vibrant tapestry of our diverse workforce.

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The Launch of CareFlex MultiAdjust® Advance

Embarking on a New Era of Specialist Seating: The Launch of CareFlex MultiAdjust® Advance

In an ever-evolving world where uniqueness is and should be celebrated, CareFlex is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to its product lineup – the MultiAdjust Advance – crafted with precision and the collective insights from Health Care Professionals, family members, carers, and, most importantly, the individuals who rely on our specialist seating solutions daily. The MultiAdjust Advance is more than a product; it promises enhanced individuality and unparalleled support for those with moderate to complex postural care needs.

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Reflections on Two Decades: A Journey with Welland Medical

I, Sandhya Shah, started at Welland in 2003 as a temp for about 6 months and then took a permanent position on 5th January 2004. I have grown and experienced so much in these 20 years, professionally as well as personally.

“I feel lucky to be working with such supportive mentors and managers during my time at Welland and have mostly felt heard and supported during these difficult times, for this I am thankful.” Sandhya Shah

Read more about Sandhya’s story ……

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Events & Exhibitions

At CareFlex, we take our responsibility as a specialist seating provider seriously and recognise that our attendance at events and facilitating training is key to sharing knowledge to ensure correct, safe and supportive seating. Please follow the link to find out where and when we are next exhibiting and holding events.

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Achieving Excellence: CareFlex Grabs Gold

CareFlex is proud to announce a monumental achievement – the transition from Silver to Gold Standard Accreditation with Investors in People (IIP). This accomplishment is a testament to our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, employee engagement, and fostering a workplace that nurtures individual growth.

“I’m delighted and very proud that CareFlex has been awarded ‘Gold’ accreditation from Investors in People. This recognition highlights our commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture, nurturing talent, and promoting employee well-being. To achieve this tremendous result while driving exceptional levels of business growth, navigating market uncertainty, and bringing onboard a significant number of new starters during the last 3 years is remarkable – well done everyone!”

– Jon Riglar, Managing Director

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CareFlex HQ Visited by Devon MP

We were delighted to receive a recent visit from Mel Stride, Member of Parliament for Central Devon and Secretary of State for Department of Work and Pensions, to our headquarters on the King Charles Business Park near Bovey Tracey.

During Mr Stride’s visit, we showcased our dedication to producing cutting-edge seating and engaged in discussions about our contributions to the healthcare sector and our role in boosting the local economy. The tour of our facilities provided a first hand look at our commitment to excellence and plans for future growth.

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Helapet Celebrates 40th Anniversary

We are delighted this year to celebrate our 40th anniversary as a trusted supplier of medical and cleanroom consumables and inline disc filters. Since our establishment in 1984, Helapet has delivered a diverse portfolio of sterile and non-sterile products, all designed to enhance safety and protection in several key markets including healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratories and filtration

Throughout our 40-year history, Helapet has achieved several significant milestones, one of our most recent being awarded the prestigious Investors in People – GOLD Award in 2021. This award reflects Helapet’s dedication and continual investment in our people. Our customer-centric ethos has been a key driver in our growing success and will continue to be our future priority in the years ahead.

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A Year of Milestones: FMP Reflects on Successes in 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, Flexible Medical Packaging proudly looks back on a year marked by substantial growth, increased productivity, and innovative initiatives. The company’s commitment to excellence and adaptability in the ever-evolving medical packaging industry has resulted in a series of remarkable achievements.

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The People Behind the Bag

n 1998, we started with a simple aspiration to enhance people’s lives and a strong desire to innovate. Today, we are a global business with over 250 colleagues based in Crawley, England where we create and manufacture our ostomy products, with a presence in over 40 countries around the world.

With 35 years of expertise, knowledge, and skill, we have continued to learn, develop new products, and adapt to new technologies to continually improve our processes to deliver the highest quality of stoma care products to our customers.

As we continue to support our colleagues, our Global Partners, and those living with a stoma we will continue to embody what makes Welland: enhancing people’s lives every day.

Discover our story ………..

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Welland Medical’s Proud Partnership with St Catherine’s Hospice

t Welland Medical, we’re proud to support local communities and charities.

One of our chosen local charities to support is St Catherine’s Hospice. For several years, we’ve sponsored this fantastic organisation, and our collaboration reached a new milestone as we were honoured to be invited to the pre-opening event of their new home in Pease Pottage, Crawley. The event was a special occasion, where Giles Tomsett, CEO of St Catherine’s Hospice, gave a strong speech emphasising the great work the hospice carries out and the urgent need to maintain funds to keep their important work going.

Collaborating with St Catherine’s Hospice aligns with  our core values and we are proud of our continued commitment to supporting our local community. We look forward to continuing our partnership and helping support St Catherine’s Hospice to provide a positive impact to those who require end-of-life care.

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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About CareFlex

Commitment to Comfort; True Holistic Approach; The Power of Education; Best Practice Mindset; Innovative Product Range; Market-Leading Tailored Solutions; CliniMed Group; Exceptional Standards; Green Credentials; Customer-Centric Service

Follow the link to read more

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Queen Alexandra Hospital Fund Raising

When it comes to relationships with our customers, we don’t just care about the sales.

Our sales team have created some amazing bonds with our customers, and we always make sure that we’re supporting our customers, not just with product but with their initiatives, charity work and community outreach.

Our Product Specialist, Rob, recently met with the Stoma Team at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, who shared that they will be doing a charity walk, along with other nursing staff to raise funds for a colleague who suffered a stroke in 2022

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Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Specialist Seating: Collaborating for Optimum Outcomes

The assessment, prescription, and use of specialist seating for individuals with complex postural needs require a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure optimum outcomes. Interdisciplinary collaboration among Health & Social Care Professionals (HCPs) is critical for providing comprehensive care and addressing individuals’ unique needs. I thought it important to take the time to highlight the exceptional role of various Health & Social Care Professionals and celebrate the teamwork that goes into specialist seating provision.

Why is a multi-disciplinary approach important?

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Our Carbon Reduction Plan

In 2022, the NHS Net Zero Supplier roadmap was published which outlined the objectives and requirements of working towards a goal of being carbon-zero by 2045.

All suppliers of the NHS have been encouraged to align their objectives to the supplier roadmap as the supply chain is an indirect contribution towards the NHS’s carbon footprint.

The three core areas of focus are:

  • Direct business activities – e.g., fleet cars, use of public transport
  • Indirect business activities – e.g., electricity consumption
  • Indirect business infrastructures – e.g., staff travel to work, waste contribution

CliniMed and SecuriCare are committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2045.

Please follow the link to read about a few of the projects and ongoing initiatives we’re investing in as a business to reach this goal.

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Innovating Ostomy Care:
The Power of Research and Development

World Creativity and Innovation Day is a global event that happens on April 21st each year as a way to celebrate, promote and encourage creative thinking and innovation across various industries. At Welland Medical, creativity and innovation are at the heart of what we do. This year’s World Creativity and Innovation Day, we are focusing on the contributions from our Research and Development (R&D) department.

Our R&D team consists of skilled engineers and designers who work hard and are committed to developing innovative ostomy products that meet the diverse needs of our customers by continuing to innovate and enhance our products. By staying at the forefront of technology and medical advancements, we are able to continually explore the boundaries of ostomy care, making a positive impact on the lives of those living with a stoma worldwide. Our blog post explores how we hone in on our team’s creativity and innovative spirit to help create the high-quality products you know today.

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New Swabable Vial Adapters from Helapet

We are delighted to launch our new line of vented and non-vented Swabable Vial Adapters, providing users with greater protection from accidental drips and aerosol contamination when compounding harmful drugs such as cytotoxics.

Designed to keep you safe!

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Investors in People – We’re Gold!

We have some fantastic news to share!

Following our Investors in People assessment, we are thrilled to announce that we have achieved… We invest in people gold accreditation at both CliniMed and SecuriCare.

This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to investing in our people; without our staff, we would not be able to achieve this. Only 26% of organisations achieve gold IiP accreditation. At the crux of it, it means that everyone is involved in supporting each other and doing their best to make work better.

The Investors in People assessment was an excellent opportunity to hear from the team, and we are so pleased that our scores have improved across all areas and our overall benchmark has also risen. But we will keep improving and keep moving forward!

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Rise & Recline Chair Range

CareFlex is excited to offer a selection of Rise and Recline chairs to accompany our Specialist Seating range.

Our reclining chairs are designed with an individual’s well-being and independence in mind, aiding daily living whilst ensuring optimum comfort. The simple push of a button will raise the user forward and upward to a safe standing position or gently recline them back to rest and relax.

Rise and Recline chairs can assist in maintaining or improving the general health, and ultimately the quality of life, of users who are sitting for prolonged periods of time but require the ability to stand for transfers or mobility.

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Team Colostomy UK Sponsorship

We are thrilled to announce that Welland Medical is the official physio and hydration partner for Team Colostomy for 2023!

As part of our partnership, our branding will appear on the team’s brand-new water bottles, as well as on the support staff t-shirts as a sign of our ongoing support for the team. This partnership is about more than just business – it’s about supporting a community of people who are doing incredible things. We are honoured to be a part of that community and to help make a difference.

Team Colostomy UK is an inspiring group of individuals who are dedicated to raising awareness and breaking down stigmas around ostomy surgery. It is an initiative that aims to inspire and empower people that live with a stoma to take on new challenges to live their life to the full.

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Highlighting the Needs of Individuals with Dementia

I recently read about NHS England’s exciting new dementia diagnosis drive where hundreds more individuals will be checked for dementia. This specialist service is being trialled across England through 14 new pilot schemes; care home residents will be proactively assessed for their condition by Specialist Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals.

A timely diagnosis ensures that individuals and their support network can manage the condition more effectively, and it can promote improved health outcomes. This new initiative will open doors to needed support, including information, advice and treatment. It also allows the care homes to tailor their support and informs long-term care planning.

Continue reading to learn how specialist seating can play a role within the wider holistic management of dementia to ensure all needs are met, given the impact the condition can have on movement and posture.

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Henry Smith MP visits Welland Medical!

We recently welcomed Crawley MP Henry Smith to Welland Medical HQ to showcase how we operate as a British manufacturer and share an insight into how the current economy may have impacted us.

During the tour, Mr Smith was able to see first-hand how our team of expert engineers and technicians use advanced technology and processes to create high-quality stoma bags and accessories that are comfortable, discreet and secure.

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How are CliniMed stoma pouches made?

Welland Medical Ltd – one of the CliniMed Group of companies – manufactures CliniMed stoma pouches for distribution all over the world; delivered to customers’ doors by home delivery services, including SecuriCare.

In this short interview, Welland explain how they develop and manufacture innovative products that are designed to suit the needs of people living with a stoma.

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Helapet Customers: Order now for Pre-Christmas delivery

In keeping with tradition, our facility will close over the Christmas and New Year holidays:

Monday 26th December 2022 until Monday 2nd January 2023.

We will reopen on Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

If you would like your orders despatched before the Christmas holiday period, please consider our following schedule which can be seen via the attached link.

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Introducing CliniShield and CliniPeel

We are excited to announce the launch of two new products. CliniPeel Adhesive Remover and CliniShield Barrier Film. We’re incredibly proud of the hard work and innovation that has gone into every element of creating these products.

Our ‘Clini’ range of skin care products are cost effective, without compromising on quality. We’ve used high quality ingredients, while being able to provide cost savings to the NHS.

These products have been produced in the UK by companies from within the CliniMed Holdings Group; FMP (Healthcare Manufacture and Packaging) and HydroKem Aerosols. Our close group relationship, innovative technologies and UK locations means we’ve been able to create a cost effective, innovative and eco-friendly option in the medical adhesive remover and barrier film space.

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Welland Annual Distributor Meeting 2022

On Tuesday 27th September, the Welland Annual Distributor Meeting (ADM) 2022 began; the first in-person event since 2019.

At Welland we pride ourselves on building success through people, which is why the key focus for this year’s ADM was ‘People’. Our colleagues, Global Partners, and those living with a stoma enable us to continually improve, provide high-quality products, and support those around us.

Reflecting on people, our headquarters, in West Sussex, United Kingdom was chosen as the hosting venue for the event. A place where our colleagues are able to thrive, our products are designed and manufactured, and is the heart of Welland

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Notice of Annual Helapet Stocktake

Please be aware that Helapet will be conducting our annual stock take from Friday 4th November through until Monday 7th November and will be unable to ship goods during this period.

If you are seeking to place orders during this time, please kindly inform our sales office in advance by placing your order by 3pm on Thursday 3rd November for 24hr delivery.

Normal shipping operations are expected to resume on Tuesday 8th November.

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Spotlight On: Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is the name for a group of lifelong conditions that affect movement and coordination, caused by a problem with the brain that occurs before, during or soon after birth1. The symptoms of cerebral palsy aren’t always obvious just after a baby is born; they normally become noticeable during the first two or three years of a child’s life.

Specialist seating is critical to enabling individuals with cerebral palsy to finely balance correction and accommodate their posture whilst promoting comfort, function and independence. The optimum chair will meet their holistic needs and the clinical and support network objectives. There is a clear need to ensure adequate postural support at all body segments as part of a 24-hour postural management care plan to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Read more about the benefits of specialist seating and achieving optimum posture here: Posture Management – CareFlex.

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Helapet appoint new Senior Leadership Team

Helapet are pleased to announce the new Helapet Senior Leadership Team, to steer the company forward, following former Managing Director, Ben Miles’ move to another role with the Clinimed Group.

I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to lead Helapet into the next phase of development. Over recent years we have achieved consistent growth and implemented many new systems and processes along the way, whilst considering the customer first in everything we do. Our highly experienced, knowledgeable team here at Helapet will take those experiences forward to further develop the business and continue in our mission to provide protection with innovative, high-quality products and services.” Tony Phelps, Managing Director

Read more about the team:

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Hydrokem add laboratory bag on valve filling system

The product development laboratory can now produce lab scale batches of bag on valve based products to support development in a wide range of product sectors. Bag on valve is ideally suited for certain applications and benefits from using environmentally friendly propellant.

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Gemini Healthcare Services Welcomes a New Managing Director

After a long and illustrious career with CliniMed Group stretching back to 1993, Neil Freeman retired at the end of June 2022.

Neil was succeeded as Managing Director by Ben Miles, whose involvement with the Group began in 2003, working in Marketing and Business Development roles at CliniMed Limited. In 2008, he joined the Board of GHS as Marketing Director, latterly with more responsibility in New Product Development and Regulatory Affairs. In 2016 Ben moved to another Group company, Helapet Limited, as Managing Director, and under his stewardship the company was delighted to be awarded Investors In People ‘Gold’ in 2018.

In his spare time, Ben enjoys walking the dog, motorcycling and generally being active. Ben is married to Sam and they have two daughters.

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CliniMed sponsors BJN Podcast

CliniMed are proud to sponsor the latest podcast from the British Journal of Nursing, “Stoma complications: using patient education and engagement to improve outcomes”. Clinical Nurse Specialist for bladder and bowel, Fiona Le Ber discusses stoma care complications, highlighting incidence, reporting, causes and how they present at different stages of the patient pathway. Fiona also discusses patient education, focussing on different ways and formats to share information with patients to ensure the patients receive the correct information at the right time.

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New: Careflex SmartSeatPro II

The all-new SmartSeatPro II is a highly adjustable modular seating system for adults that takes specialist seating to the next level for those with complex postural management and pressure care needs. The SmartSeatPro II’s unique design allows for various configurations to ensure postural asymmetries can be fully stabilised, accommodated, and, where possible, corrected from the feet to the pelvis and through the spine to the head.

The chair’s design gives Health & Social Care Professionals maximum adaptability to optimise posture, function and comfort for individuals in all environments, including domestic settings, schools, care homes and hospitals. The chair provides high levels of comfort and the robust construction quality associated with CareFlex chairs. The SmartSeatPro II comes with a Lifetime Frame Warranty for extra peace of mind.

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Introducing the new eco-friendly range of Helapet Sterile Sharps Bins

Helapet are pleased to announce a major development in the range of Sterile Sharps Bins. The new “Eco” range of sharps containers are made from at least 40% recycled plastic, assisting the NHS drive to reach Net Zero by 2040.

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Our New Sales Team Recruits

We’re thrilled to announce that over the last 6 months we have added to our brilliant Sales Team!

Please join us in welcoming Paul and Joan to our team.

We’re so excited to have new members of the Sales Team and we can’t wait to see them all achieve greatness with the rest of the team!

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MS Awareness Week (25 April to 1 May)

This week, CareFlex will join Multiple Sclerosis (MS) communities across the United Kingdom to mark the 2022 awareness campaign.

For this year’s campaign, the MS Society is supporting different activities and encouraging opportunities for individuals to share their stories. At CareFlex we are committed to raising awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and will play our part by aiming to increase knowledge around the importance of postural care.

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World Parkinson’s Awareness Day

On Monday 11th April, CareFlex will join Parkinson’s communities worldwide to mark the 2022 awareness campaign. Parkinson’s UK has declared that not enough people understand the experience of living with Parkinson’s disease. People don’t know it’s a serious condition; they don’t realise that treatments are limited and there is no cure.

“It’s time to start the conversation. It’s time to talk about Parkinson’s.”

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Welland Board Update

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Duckworth, formally Head of Engineering, has joined the Welland Medical Board as Operations and Engineering Director.

Sarah joined Welland with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind her. We caught up with her to discuss her new venture and time at Welland.

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Welcoming Caroline Rudoni

We’re thrilled to welcome Caroline Rudoni to CliniMed/SecuriCare. Caroline joins us as our new Patient & Clinical Services Director (Designate).

Caroline has had an impressive 30-year career in stoma care across hospital, community and commercial settings. Caroline joined us in January 2022, after a career with Convatec/Amcare and we’re thrilled to have her on board. We’re excited to see her share her experience and expertise with us to continue our mission to make positive changes within the industry.

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New Look Curan Lady

We’re thrilled to introduce Curan Lady, the same great product, with a fresh new look.

Following customer and HCP feedback requesting a more feminine, discreet and aesthetically pleasing product, Curan Lady has been given a makeover!

Curan Lady’s new appearance includes a change of colour and a new curved appearance while maintaining all the features and benefits that make this ISC such as popular choice among patients.

(Please note, there will be no changes to the Curan Lady box or the catheter itself.)

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Fowler’s Syndrome Awareness Month

Fowler’s Syndrome is a rare disease despite being the most common cause of urinary retention in young females.

The symptoms caused by inability to empty the bladder may include back pain, suprapubic pain (pain above the bladder) and dysuria (burning and discomfort whilst passing urine) as a result of urinary tract infection.

The cause of Fowler’s Syndrome remains unknown and is currently the subject of research.

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Helapet Donates Microscope To Local School

During a regular tour of our manufacturing facility to identify ways to improve efficiencies as part of the 5S policy, the microscope was spotted as an unused item that had been languishing in the corner following introduction of more advanced inspection techniques.

In order to make way for more efficient processes, it was decided to remove the unit and find another owner in a drive to be more environmentally aware.

Helapet has a strong ethos of giving back to its local community so went in search of a worthy school to receive the microscope and were pleased to discover local middle school, Houghton Regis Academy, would accept and make use of it

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Careflex Exhibitions

We would love to welcome you at any of the forthcoming events. Please follow the link for details.

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Careflex Study Days & Webinars

If you are actively involved in specialist seating and would like to attend one of our free specialist seating study days or virtual webinars please email or sign up to our email list. We email those who have signed up to receive our emails, webinar and registration details one month prior to each event.

Please follow the link for proposed dates.

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Helapet Charity Giving

During the run up to Christmas, what should be the most joyous time of year can be one of the hardest. So, while most companies purchase greeting cards to wish their customers great joy, we sent our customers personal and digital wishes of joy for the Christmas season and offered the money that would have been used on printed greeting cards to a charity that is close to our team’s hearts.

At Christmas 2021, we donated to the Cynthia Spencer Hospice in Northampton.

It is important to Helapet that we give back to the community where we belong: 2021 saw Cynthia Spencer Hospice play an important role in one of our colleague’s lives and we wanted to be able to give our thanks for the Hospice’s amazing work.

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Minimising our Carbon Emmissions

We’re thrilled to announce that CliniMed and SecuriCare have made further progress reducing our carbon emissions. We recently enlisted an electric vehicle charging solutions company to assist us with a £40,000 investment, to install 4 twin electric vehicle charge stations at our head office car park.

By supporting employees and visitors use of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, we hope to further reduce our company’s carbon footprint and achieve our environmental goals over the coming years.

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Helapet: Order now for Pre-Christmas delivery!

Our annual shutdown will run from Monday 27th December until Monday 3rd January. We will reopen on Tuesday 4th January 2022. Don’t delay – order now for pre-Christmas delivery.

Pre-Christmas order and delivery schedule:

 Order byFor delivery by
UK Mainland & South of Scotland3pm on Thursday 23rd DecemberFriday 24th December
Scotland Highlands & Islands3pm on Tuesday 21st December

Orders received up to 12pm on 24th December will be despatched for delivery from 29th December.

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Stoma Care Festive Food and Drink Tips

As we enter the festive season, you may be enjoying some festive treats, or wrapping presents. You may know what works for you when managing food temptations, or this may be your first Christmas with a stoma. Either way, follow the link for some helpful tips:

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Stoma Care Nurse Says: Managing Your Stoma At Christmas

“The Christmas period can be a tough time to approach especially when you have a stoma. Remember: you are not alone.” – SecuriCare Stoma Care Nurse


In this blog, a Stoma Care Nurse discusses ‘Managing Your Stoma At Christmas’

Christmas can be a happy and sad time for some people, and you might feel you need that extra emotional support. There’s a lot of support available during this time, please contact your Stoma Care Nurse to point you in the right direct. Colostomy UK can help put you in touch with someone else with a stoma to talk to. Remember: you are not alone.

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Notice of the Helapet Annual Stock Take

Please be aware that Helapet will be conducting our annual stock take from Friday 5th November through until Monday 8th November and will be unable to ship goods during this period.

If you are seeking to place orders during this time, please kindly inform our sales office in advance by placing your order by 3pm on Thursday 4th November for 24hr delivery.

Normal shipping operations are expected to resume on Tuesday 9th November.

We appreciate your understanding. Please contact us on 01582 501980 for further information on new or existing orders.

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Welland Stepped Up for Stomas!

Throughout September, the team at Welland took part in Colostomy UK’s ‘Step Up for Stoma’s’ challenge to help raise awareness of stomas and those living with one.

In the UK there are 160,000 people currently living with a stoma and Colostomy UK, a charity that supports and empowers those living with stomas, challenged individuals to take a step for every one of them.

Here at Welland the team were more than up for the challenge, putting their best foot forward and started counting their steps.

The Step Up for Stomas team consisted of seven people from the business all from different departments, including Marketing, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales and Finance.

Encouraging and motivating each other, the team went on lunch time walks and even had some competitive step counting, helping each individual reach their target.

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Clinimed (Holdings) Limited has made the final shortlist for “UK Employer of the Year – Gold 2-49”  in The Investors in People Awards 2021. In a record-breaking year for entries, with nearly three hundred organisations involved, this is an outstanding achievement of which everyone at Clinimed Holdings Limited is proud.

The Investors in People Awards celebrate the very best organisations and individuals from around the world across various organisational, people, wellbeing and leadership categories. Each year hundreds of organisations from the UK and abroad battle it out to take home one of the sought after trophies to show their award-winning commitment to investing in their people.

Sue Bull, Clinimed (Holdings) Limited: “We feel privileged to be shortlisted for this award which reflects  the dedication and hard work invested in the business by the whole team.”

Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People, commented:

“Now in our 8th year, it always makes me feel immensely proud to see so many fantastic organisations staking their claim to be the best. And every year, the entries do get more and more competitive and the judging even tighter. Reaching the final shortlist is a testament to the amazing commitment these organisations are making to make work better for their people, and they truly deserve this recognition.”

The Winners will be announced at an online ceremony on the 23rd November 2021.

For the full shortlist and more information about Investors in People please visit

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Aura Plus – Improving Stoma Patient Outcomes

Aura Plus from CliniMed was the recent focus of Clinical Nurse Specialist, Fiona Le Ber’s peer reviewed clinical article in the British Journal of Nursing.

We were very pleased to work with Fiona to provide stoma pouches and research to support the article, which looks at reducing the risk of complications for stoma patients.

In the article Fiona addresses the most common complaints from ostomates; leakages and sore skin. It details how, even with correct pre-surgical assessment and siting of a stoma, future complications and poor product choice can lead to leakages, sore skin and ultimately negative effects on the ostomate’s quality of life.

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Helapet launches NEW inline disc filter guide

Helapet has launched a new inline disc filter product and services brochure. This useful new brochure is designed to provide comprehensive information and insight into our custom inline filter manufacturing service, with all of our key variable elements, including cleanroom processing, packaging and sterilisation services. It is a handy reference guide providing quick and easy navigation across the customisable elements of our filters.

Our latest filter brochure has been designed in conjunction with our brand new interactive, online filter design tool, allowing you to share and add your own unique filter specifications to the filter design. This gives you the opportunity to effectively build your own filter which we can quickly and accurately quote and process for you.

If you would like to receive a copy of our new brochure, please complete our online enquiry form or email To build your filter specification online, visit

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The New Era of Events

Over the last year like many companies, we adapted to the changing environment around us. With face-to-face meetings becoming a distant memory and video calls the new ‘normal’, we had to adapt.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were unable to hold our annual Global Partner Meeting last year but thought innovatively this year. We worked alongside an external production agency, The Outlook Creative Group who specialise in live production events to plan for our first ever virtual meeting.

Looking back on our first virtual event, we were able to reach over 200 attendees throughout 30 countries and it enabled us to continue sharing best practice in supporting both Health Care Professionals and people who live with stomas across the world.

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The Role of Specialist Seating in Promoting Comfort

One of the most common requests we hear from customers is: “I want to be comfortable”.

This seems like such an easy goal to achieve but everyone has their own ideas on what being comfortable actually means. To some it could mean feeling safe, to others it could mean feeling content, to those using other specialist equipment it could mean the opportunity for some freedom, and to those who experience pain it could mean finally being able to relax. 

When specialist seating systems are used appropriately, and are tailored to the individual, quality of life can be significantly improved.

CareFlex specialist seating systems offer many functions and accessories that promote comfort. Back angle recline can open up the hip angle for a more relaxed position, tilt-in-space can manage energy levels, and a waterfall back can securely support the client within the chair.

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Catch Up with Welland Cover Star – Kav Ellison

In advance of Team Colostomy UK’s 2021 kick-off match, we caught up with one of their team players (and our cover star!), Kav.

Team Colostomy UK are playing their first matches of the season on August 14th at the Weavering Warriors RFC. If you would like to show your support and cheer the team on, game details can be found here.

“Every time we get together for Team Colostomy UK it’s something special.” Kav

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Helapet achieves Investors In People – Gold accreditation

Gold accreditation means that not only have Helapet Ltd put excellent policies in place, but more importantly, it means everyone – throughout the organisation – takes ownership for making them come to life. This award is a hard-won achievement – only 17% of Investors in People accredited organisations achieve Gold and Helapet have been able to reach this level only 3 years after achieving the Silver accreditation from Investors in People.

Commenting on the award, Ben Miles, Managing Director of Helapet, said: “I am delighted that Helapet have been awarded Investors in People Gold, a continuous improvement following our Silver award in 2018. This achievement positively reflects our values, culture and the approach we have when working with our colleagues and customers. Our mission, vision and values are at the heart of everything we do. All staff should be congratulated and hopefully take great satisfaction in the improvements we have made together.”

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Hydrokem Aerosols Limited: Gold Award

We are pleased to announce that Hydrokem Aerosols Limited recently commissioned an independent customer satisfaction survey, conducted in compliance with ISO/TS10004:2018, and achieved Gold certification.

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Want to become part of the Team?

Would you like to work for a Gold accredited Investors in People company and find out how you can make a difference to our customers? If so, then come along to our Recruitment Open Day and find out more about our roles and what it is like to work for us.

CliniMed Limited distribute and market a wide range of stoma, urology, continence and wound care products. SecuriCare (Medical) Limited provides a free of charge home delivery service for all makes and brands of stoma and continence care products. We also employ a specialist stoma care nursing team who deliver care within the hospital and community across the UK. We are recruiting for people who have a passion for wanting to improve the quality of lives of our customers.

Follow the link to view current opportunities.

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MultiAdjust: A new, flexible, multi-user environment seating solution

The new MultiAdjust is a cost effective, tool-free, highly adjustable seating system that provides postural support and pressure care without compromising the users comfort. The chair benefits from Tilt-in-Space, Back Angle Recline and lower limb support. The MultiAdjust is an ideal choice for multiple user environments, and for those who are semi-ambulant and non-ambulant. Its modular design, with interchangeable accessories, makes it a perfect fit for Community Loan Stores. It is suitable for a wide range of seating needs in most Care Environments.

It provides high levels of comfort and the robust construction quality that you would associate with CareFlex. For peace of mind the MultiAdjust comes with a Lifetime Frame Warranty.

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Introducing our new Costa Rican Distributor

Panamedical de Costa Rica is the latest addition to our growing number of distributors. They are a family run business with more than 20 years experience distributing and selling disposable medical devices. They offer ongoing training on the correct ways to use the products they represent, and they support medical centres across the country.

In this blog, we spoke to Clinical Advisor Karen Vergara Marín.

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Meet the Head of Engineering (Welland Medical)

Sarah Duckworth joined Welland as Head of Engineering in the second half of 2020 and she has become an essential part of the team. In this blog Sarah discusses her day-to-day role and how she got to this place in her career.

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Aurum® Plus has arrived

Welland is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new ostomy pouch range Aurum® Plus. The pouch range is available in closed, drainable and urostomy in various sizes.

Aurum® Plus began as an idea, a way to give ostomates greater choice, comfort and confidence.

Since then, it has gone through extensive research and development, positive product evaluations and now thanks to our network of distributors Aurum® Plus can make a big impact to ostomates across the globe.

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Helapet Launch New Online Design Tool

Helapet Ltd are delighted to launch our new online disc filter design tool, designed to enhance user experience and give clients more control in creating custom-made inline disc filters that fit their own individual specifications.

You design, we create!

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The HydroTilt Helping Long Covid-19 Patients

Investment in a new fleet of specialist seating systems is benefitting patients recovering from COVID-19 at Derriford Hospital. Last year, at the start of the initial COVID-19 crisis, the Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Team at University Hospitals Plymouth invested in 40 HydroTilt chairs, produced by CareFlex, in order to aid patients in their recovery from the illness.

Read and listen to how one patient with Long Covid-19 at Derriford is benefiting from the hospital’s new HydroTilt Chairs.

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Stoma And Continence Care Products Delivered To You

At SecuriCare, we provide a free home delivery service for all your prescription stoma and continence needs. We deliver all makes and brands of products, so no matter what you use, we’ll deliver it direct to your door.

Our service is tailored to fit your needs and we provide a wide range of complimentary items to help support your daily needs and make your life easier.

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Introducing Aura Plus

Finally, something to be positive about!

Spring is in the air; the clocks have changed, and restrictions are being relaxed. But there’s something else to be positive about, CliniMed has launched their latest stoma pouch range – Aura Plus.

We felt we could do better for all ostomates by creating an innovative product that’s designed around what you value – security, comfort and healthy skin.

Our new pouch is designed to provide:

  • More freedom
  • More choice
  • More comfort
  • More security

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Helapet Launch New Online Design Tool As Part Of Custom Inline Disc Filter Manufacture Service

Helapet Ltd are delighted to launch our new online disc filter design tool, designed to enhance user experience and give clients more control in creating custom-made inline disc filters that fit their own individual specifications.

You design, we create!

The simple-to-use slide navigation takes the user on a journey through each stage of the filter design process, enabling them to select key filter elements and combine them to create the final product.

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Welland is now available in Canada

Premier Ostomy Centre is one of our newest distributors, they are making our stoma care products and accessories directly available to people living in Canada with a stoma. Premier Ostomy Centre has been in business for over 20 years and they are committed to doing anything that will make their customers lives easier.

We spoke to Joel Goldenberg, Vice President of Premier Ostomy Centre, about running the business during the pandemic and Welland coming to the Canadian market.

 ” I always look for products that can have an impact on patients and I believe Welland’s products with Manuka honey can absolutely make an impact.”

Joel Goldenberg

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What is good sitting posture?

Posture is the way we hold ourselves or position our body segments in relation to one another and their orientation in space.

Basics of good sitting posture:

  • The body is conformed to the supporting surface symmetrically
  • Body weight is distributed equally over the maximum surface area
  • A balanced and stabilised body that can adjust to change
  • Body segments are supported and aligned as much as is possible
  • Upper limbs are free from their load bearing role for function

During the provision of specialist seating, all body segments should be considered. With the support of a health and care professional, follow our practical tips for achieving a good sitting posture.

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New Appointment: Finance Director

Martin Critchfield joined CliniMed in 2008 having previously held Finance roles with companies in the Computer Communication and Promotional Marketing industries. His first role at CliniMed was as Accounting Manager heading up the Finance team. In January 2020, Martin became Head of Finance and in September 2020, Finance Director.

He joined CliniMed as a newly qualified Chartered Global Management Accountant, and during his time at CliniMed, Martin gained a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) with the Open University.

Martin is married to Tina and has two teenagers Michael and Emily as well as a very excitable Labrador/Collie cross.

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New Appointment: Clinical & Patient Services Director

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Wright as Clinical and Patient Services Director with effect from 1st September 2020.

Stephen joined us in August 2019, bringing with him extensive clinical expertise gained during more than 20 years’ experience of working in the NHS. He has been published in a variety of nursing journals and contributed to several book chapters, relating to post-operative colorectal surgical patient care and stoma care.

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Why Choose Careflex?

Since 1995 CareFlex has been manufacturing specialist seating; we understand the importance of balancing comfort, pressure relief, posture management and independence. 

Specialist seating is more than just a chair. Specialist seating is complex, it is challenging, and it can be overwhelming. But we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Positive Changes at FMP

It is clear that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in history for many of but at FMP we have fortunately been able to continue operating throughout these difficult times. During our operations in the challenging scenarios that we have been presented with, we have done our utmost best to stay positive and look to the future with high hopes.

With a new look website and a great deal of change recently occurring in society we thought it would be a great time to take a look at the positive alterations that we have implemented at our facilities. Click the link to take a look at the list of productive adjustments which have occurred so far during the year of 2020 at FMP.

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Celebrating 20 years of Bhavini Patel

Just over 20 years ago, Bhavini Patel walked onto the Welland factory floor for the second time. Her son was 2 months old. Her new role was as a machine operator, but unlike the last time, when she’d been in a temporary role, this time it was permanent. She didn’t realise at the time just how permanent.

Today Bhavini is a lead machine setter for half of our automated stoma product manufacturing lines. She’s responsible for training and managing the operating staff and making sure production targets are met. It’s been quite a journey, and as she says, “I never thought I’d be where I am now.”

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A Roundup Of CliniMed News From Throughout The COVID Pandemic

Work From Home Series

From March, we were instructed as a country that people should start working from home where it was possible to do so. As a company, to help reduce the spread of coronavirus and safeguard the welfare of our staff, many of our team members began working from home.

This was a brand-new way of working for many of us, but it went incredibly well and there were no interruptions to the services we provide.

As you may have seen on our social media channels (CliniMed’s Facebook, SecuriCare’s FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn) we asked some of our Patient Services and Business Development team members to send us some photos of them working from home. We thought it might be nice to share a few friendly faces that you might have spoken to throughout lockdown!

We may not be in the office right now, but we are #HereForYouFromHome.

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How Ostomates Can Benefit From The Sunflower Lanyard Scheme

The sunflower lanyard scheme was created in 2016 and rolled out at London Gatwick airport to help staff identify passengers who may need extra assistance, due to a hidden illness or disability. The lanyard is a discreet nod for acknowledging a hidden disability, without the wearer having to explain. Sunflowers are a sign of positivity, are gender neutral and joyful – which is why it was the chosen flower!

What started as a way to make airports more accessible has now turned into a globally recognised symbol.

Along with the lanyard, there are also many cards you can use to help signal an illness or disability. Whether it’s hearing loss, face cover exemption, diabetes, or a visual impairment for example, you can get a medical ID card. If you’re travelling with a stoma and are anxious about being stopped and questioned about your condition, you can take a travel certificate with you – we have one available for download here: travel section.

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Don’t delay … order now for Pre-Christmas delivery!

Christmas is coming and we would like to inform you of the scheduled shutdown of the Helapet facility over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

We will be closed from Friday 25th December until Friday 1st January. We will reopen on Monday 4th January 2021.

For us to despatch any orders required before the Christmas holiday period, please follow the link for our schedule:

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The Nurse Who Inspired Me by Jo Jackson

My interest in caring began at a young age when I joined the St Johns Ambulance Service – I was eleven! I would attend local events such as the annual carnival with them, and I would always have a fully stocked first aid kit at home and enjoyed practicing my bandaging techniques on my family.

When I left school one of my first jobs included working as a care assistant in a residential home. I really enjoyed this role and realised I would like to get into the care profession. I initially joined the hospital nurse bank which then led to a permanent role as a Nursing Auxiliary on a busy medical ward. This is where I met Sister Sue.

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Designing Medical Devices

Of all the things in the world you could design, why choose medical devices? We spoke to one of our junior product design engineers, Nadeem Hussain to find out

Nadeem joined our Research & Development team in 2019. Since then, he has learnt a lot about the medical device industry and how it can push you to develop your design and problem-solving skills. He has shared his experience for anyone wanting to understand where a career in industrial design/product design may lead them.

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Advocating for Ostomates in Romania

OrtoProfil has been supplying ostomy care products in Romania since 1996 and have worked with Welland Medical since 2003. Besides supplying products to ostomates across Romania, the company advocates for ostomates to receive more support and better care, as well as for improvements to the Romanian health insurance system.

We spoke to Dr Atilla Pálosi who is responsible for OrtoProfil’s nationwide sales, about how the company’s been getting on this year and what they are doing to support ostomates in the country.

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Stoma And Continence Care Products Delivered To You

At SecuriCare, we provide a free home delivery service for all your prescription stoma and continence needs. We deliver all makes and brands of products, so no matter what you use, we’ll deliver it direct to your door.

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Welcome to the New Flexible Medical Packaging Limited Website!

We are excited to announce that our new website is now live!

This new website has had updates including changes to the navigation, with dropdown menus to make finding your way around the site much easier.

We have also improved the structure of our content to show our full capabilities. There’s a whole host of impactful changes, all to make your experience of the FMP site much better for you

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Hill running for UK charities

On 10 and 11 October, Jack Hopper, one of our lead design engineers will NOT be designing ostomy care products. Instead, he’ll be challenging himself to raise funds for Bowel & Cancer Research and Crohn’s & Colitis UK.

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Welland now available in Belgium

Despite Covid-19 and all its restrictions, our Dutch distributors are now supplying the Belgian market.

In light of their new opportunity in Belgium and the way Covid-19 has forced us all to change the way we do things, we checked in with the company’s Sales Director, Robin Engels, to see what challenges they are facing and what is helping them succeed.

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Helapet Office Hours are Changing!

We would like to inform our customers that our office hours are changing.  New opening hours are 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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Improving My Health With The Help Of Animals

My neighbour is a nurse and when lockdown hit, she couldn’t take Beau for walks during the week so I offered to. I find the walks with Beau have allowed me to take a step back and breathe.

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An introduction to the new and exciting Careflex webinar series

This new educational series is aimed at Clinicians to refresh existing knowledge and skills, but also share new hints and tips along the way. Please contact us to sign up and ensure that you do not miss our webinar announcements.

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Introducing the Helapet Type 2R Surgical Facemask

Helapet is excited to announce a new addition to our range of facial protective apparel. Our new Surgical Facemask is a Type 2 R facemask, designed to provide comprehensive nose and mouth protection during surgical and general medical procedures.

The facemask’s liquid resistance provides a vital barrier against contaminated body fluid splashes from the patient and the risk of contamination from infected moisture droplets. The facemask boasts a high bacterial filter performance of more than 99% granting enhanced protection and exceeding EN14683 Type IIR standards.

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Infection Prevention – CareFlex Fabric Range

Infection prevention and control is a current key objective and crucial to reducing the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus. To help in hospital settings or multi-user environments, where attention to infection control is critical, CareFlex are able to offer infection control covers. We have replaced Velcro in all exposed areas with plastic profile fittings and zips and minimised exposed seams.

We use a support surface Dartex® fabric that provides the optimal barrier to prevent the spread of infection and the Shield Plus™ Anti-Microbial technology on our vinyl range has already been through independent testing against the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus strain, to reassure our clients of the effectiveness of our vinyl range against the rise of new contagious diseases.

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Helapet 2020-21 Catalogue available to download now!

Our latest edition of the Helapet Product Catalogue has arrived!

Packed full with an extensive portfolio of quality medical and cleanroom consumables, tested and validated for critical environment activities.

Available to download now!

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Meet the new Welland Medical MD

“Not in a million years!” is how Welland Medical’s new Managing Director, Samantha Jackson, responds through a smile when asked if she thought she’d still be a the company, let alone MD, 13 years after her first day in the office.

Having joined as a Product Manager in 2007, Samantha grew and developed alongside Welland. As the Company expanded so did her skills and knowledge.  She took on the role of Sales & Marketing Manager in 2010, then Sales & Marketing Director in 2015.  During this time, she became a CMI Chartered Manager and earned an MBA and her Diploma in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors.

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Stoma Patient Journey Workshop For Health And Procurement Professionals

This course has been specifically designed for Stoma Care Nurses and procurement professionals to develop their understanding of a stoma patient’s journey.

Please follow the link below for more information or to register your place.

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Hydrokem achieves Gold Award in customer satisfaction

In our 2020 annual customer survey, carried out independently and in compliance with ISO/TS10004:2018 Quality Management System Guidelines, we achieved a Gold Award. This highlights the focus and commitment we have to servicing our customers.

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Helapet Ltd – Notice of Closure – Monday 11th May 2020

We would like to inform our customers that we will be closed on Monday 11th May 2020 as we conduct systems updates. We will therefore have an extended closure period starting on Bank Holiday Friday 8th May.

Normal order and shipping operations will resume on Tuesday 12th May.

To receive orders during this time period please kindly inform our sales office in advance by placing your order with us by 2pm on Thursday 7th May.

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Apr 2020 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement from Helapet Ltd

Please read our statement via the link below.

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COVID-19: UK Manufacturing Continues

If you are concerned about access to Welland Medical stoma care products over the coming months, rest assured that we are fully operational and manufacturing our full range of products.

The whole company are designated as key workers, and despite the challenges of lockdown we are still manufacturing in the UK and shipping to all our markets.

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Production Manager stays on

Friday, 24 April 2020 should have been the last day at work for Paul Costigan, Production Manager of our manufacturing facility in Crawley. Paul had been with Welland Medical for 4 years. He and his wife relocated to the Isle of Wight at the start of the year, and he had a new job lined up within walking distance of his new home.

Then coronavirus happened. It put Paul in a situation he’d never faced in his 30 years in operations management.

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We Are Open & We Will Support You

On the afternoon of the 14th April we had a call from a patient’s daughter, desperate to get her mum out of hospital but requiring Specialist Seating with Tilt-in-Space to do so. A remote assessment was carried out that afternoon and a chair delivered the next day. Not only has this freed up vital NHS bed capacity but it has also enhanced that vulnerable person’s quality of life and enabled them to get home.

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Hydrokem Aerosols: Coronavirus update

We would like to inform all our customers and suppliers that “Hydrokem Aerosols” is regarded as an “Essential Supplier” and, as such, our manufacturing operations remain open.

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Postural Management during the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, adhering to important government guidelines to stay at home means we may be sitting and lying more than usual. Individuals with conditions that affect their movement, especially those who have difficulty changing their own position, could therefore be at an increased risk of postural deterioration. Ultimately, this will impact on their physiological function and increase their risk of developing pressure injuries.

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Helapet Puts a Cap on Contamination: Integrity Closure of Pre-filled Syringes

Helapet PharmaPack® BD Luer Lock Syringes in combination with our select range of syringe endcaps are proven to deliver validated physical and microbiological integrity closure for the approved production of injectable medicines.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update For Customers And Supply Chain Partners

CliniMed is monitoring the Coronavirus situation closely and taking all necessary precautions. Currently there is no impact on our ability to supply our medical devices and we will inform you if the situation changes.

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FMP – Essential Supplier Coronavirus Update

We would like to inform all of our customers and suppliers at this difficult time that FMP is regarded as an “Essential Supplier” and as such our manufacturing operations will remain open and we will continue to supply medical devices to our valued customers.

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Covid-19 Update – we continue to manufacture

The current situation surrounding COVID-19 is evolving on a daily basis. The Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our Employees, Customers and Partners is of the utmost importance to us and we are reviewing this situation daily. We have been in contact with our key suppliers and have sufficient materials stocks within the supply chain to mitigate any unforeseen materials issues.

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Careflex Limited: Appointment of Director

With effect from March 1st 2020, Craig Downton joined the board of Careflex as Sales and Marketing Director.

Craig, a Chartered Marketer, joined the company in April 2018 as Sales and Marketing Manager. We are delighted to welcome him to the board, where he will assume greater authority in determining the company’s future.

Craig’s career to date includes directorship of a supplier of bespoke cots and beds for adults and children with special needs and a management role for a supplier of special needs equipment for children. In his earlier career, Craig gained experience in the banking industry and communications.

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Helapet deliver chemical protective apparel for microbiology testing initiative in India

Demonstrating our commitment to supporting customer health and protection, we recently responded to a request from a gentleman on his way to Khristiya Seva Niketan Hospital, a small mission hospital in West Bengal, India. The purpose of his visit was to introduce microbiology testing to KSN Hospital’s small pathology laboratory, which required some personal protective clothing for his colleagues. We were delighted to assist him and delivered chemical protective Tyvek Lab Coats

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The Nurses Who Most Inspired Me

Catherine Atkinson has been working in the stoma care field for more than ten years. Here she shares who it was that inspired her and why the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife is important to her

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Welland Medical follows its heart to support local hospice

It all began with a local art trail, organised by St. Catherine’s Hospice, which captured our heart during its 10-week duration.

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A Halloween Trip to Romania…

Colleagues from the UK and the Netherlands recently supported our Romanian distributor, Ortoprofil at their biannual nurse symposium. Over 150 nurses attended the two-day charity event, with key discussions on improving the lives of ostomates in Romania.

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UltraFrame & Colostomy UK – a rugby video

SecuriCare is the gold sponsor of Colostomy UK’s rugby team, Team Colostomy UK. This summer, the team took on the Chorley Panthers in a thrilling match held in Lancashire. Three players wore UltraFrame, our film flange extender, during the game and shared their thoughts on it on video, which you can view on our YouTube account via the link below.

 The next Team Colostomy UK match is on Saturday 9th November vs Aldershot and Fleet RLFC.    

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Introduction of Laser Coding

To ensure compliance with new GS1 barcoding requirements for medical devices, two laser coders have been purchased by Hydrokem for applying 2D barcodes and human readable data onto the base of cans.

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Hydrokem celebrates its 40th Anniversary

 Hydrokem Aerosols was incorporated in September 1979 and to celebrate the 40th Anniversary, a day of fun has been organised for all its employees on 3rd October. Planned activities include team building exercises and a local quiz with prizes aplenty. This is also an opportunity to thank everyone for their significant contribution to growing the business since it was acquired by Clinimed (Holdings) Limited in February 2018.

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Clean it first with new SteriClean® Neutral Detergent

Helapet are delighted to introduce our new SteriClean® Neutral Detergent Spray. A sterile, PH neutral, non-ionic detergent with low residues, designed to work alongside our exclusive SteriClean® range of sterile alcohol disinfectants in critically controlled environments

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Transforming Lives: Callum’s Story

Callum is a 20 year old gentleman who enjoys spending time with his family. He lives at home and attends college five days a week. Jean, Callum’s grandmother, got in touch with us to say how thankful the family were for Callum’s new CareFlex chair. Callum wants to share his story in the hope that it can help someone else.

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CliniMed London to Paris Bike Ride Fundraiser for Macmillan

Earlier in the year we set out to raise £5,000 for our Corporate Charity Partner, Macmillan Cancer Support. Our Corporate and Social Responsibility Team have been working hard to make that happen by organising monthly dress down days and other fundraisers.

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Welland In Rome

We were delighted to exhibit at the 14th European Council of Enterostomal Therapists (ECET) congress in Rome on 23rd-26th June 2019.

Members from our marketing, sales, and research and development teams travelled to Italy for the biennial congress. They met with representatives from our Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish and Norwegian distribution partners, who joined them to highlight our innovative range of stoma care solutions to medical professionals from around the world.

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Helapet launches new product datasheet library

We are delighted to announce that we have fully revised all our product datasheets, giving them a brand new format and look, presenting more detailed information in a colour-coded A4 document.

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Securicare Events

SecuriCare regularly run and support a range of events for ostomates and those with continence issues. These events are held in locations across the UK, on a variety of dates and times and have differing themes – so hopefully there is something to suit everybody. SecuriCare events provide a great opportunity to meet other people with stomas or continence issues in comfortable surroundings, plus get advice and product information from your local product specialist.

Follow the link for May-October 2019 dates and information.

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Stoma Care E-learning Re-accreditation from the ASCN

We’re proud to announce that our free eLearning course, an Introduction to Stoma Care, has been re-endorsed by the Association of Stoma Care Nurses. This exciting endorsement is valid until April 20120.

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Volunteering with Back-Up

Judith McDonald works in the marketing department at CliniMed. She takes care of the marketing for our continence products and was recently invited to volunteer with Back Up. Back Up exists to transform the lives of everyone affected by spinal cord injury. They deliver a range of services to build confidence and independence back into people’s lives, offering a supportive network when it’s needed most

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Sweden Launches Aurum Profile

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CliniMed and Wheelchair Basketball in 2019

Last year CliniMed went in to partnership with Wheelchair basketballscotland and Glasgow Rocks (formerly known as St Mirren Warriors). We’re pleased to announce that this relationship has been renewed for 2019 and are looking forward to all that it will bring.

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Changing Donna’s Life

The HydroTilt XL chair helped Donna to lead a meaningful family life. Read Donna’s story.

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Meet a Patient Careline Team Member

Putting you first: when you contact us, you’ll be talking to one of our team of specialist advisors who understand stoma care and incontinence needs.   “It’s great when you can turn things around and help people find the right products and make a real difference to their daily lives.” – Annette Calam, Patient Careline Team Member  

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New Single Use Sterile Goggles from Helapet

  Quality disposable protection for your eyes and your cleanroom. Choose Helapet Sterile Single Use Goggles for optimum comfort and cleanliness in controlled working environments  

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New Helapet 2019-20 Product Catalogue Available

It’s here! We are excited to announce the release of our 2019-20 Product Catalogue. Our focus continues to be on improving customer experience and accessibility to our growing portfolio of cleanroom consumables and disposable inline disc filters. Our 52 page edition incorporates updated high quality visuals, content and navigation tools to support your purchasing needs

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Welland Medical Investing for the Future

We are delighted to unveil the latest edition in our automated manufacturing portfolio, a state of the art stoma pouch production line designed exclusively for Welland Medical. The introduction of this machine marks a pivotal investment for the company as we continue to expand our manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demand for our innovative range of stoma care solutions.

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Welland’s Charity Round-up for 2018

Improving the lives of ostomates around the world by bringing to market unique and innovative stoma care solutions is the mission of Welland Medical. The desire and commitment to support patients does not stop there, as we are passionate about helping those in need through our ongoing work with different charities. As a manufacturer of products that are available worldwide, we support charities that benefit those around the globe. During 2018, we were delighted to be able to donate over £4500 to UK based charities and work with Hand In Hand For Aid and Development (HIHFAD) and Jacob’s Well Appeal.

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New animation for Aura Flushable launched

Our flushable pouch range is an essential part of our stoma product range; these pouches not only have a practical impact on lives but an emotional one too. Working with one of our patient advocates from the ‘Freedom To Be’ campaign we have created an animated film to share Vicki’s story, which is voiced by Vicki herself.

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Meet A SecuriCare Stoma Care Nurse

SecuriCare has one of the largest independent teams of specialist Stoma Care Nurses in the NHS. Working across the UK, we employ over 40 Stoma Care Nurses.

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Helapet Exhibition Schedule for 2019

We  are pleased to announce our exhibition schedule for 2019 with our attendance at several industry events across the country. Come and meet our friendly team of experts who will be delighted to give full advice on our comprehensive range of quality cleanroom consumables and inline disc filters. Our schedule may change, so stay tuned for further updates on our website or why not sign up to our mailing list!

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Looking back on Welland Medical’s 30th year….

As we bid a fond farewell to 2018, a year full of success stories, celebrations, growth and adventure we look forward to 2019 with excitement and in anticipation for all it has in store. As we reflect on the year gone by, the lessons we have learnt and the journey we have been on we would like to share with you some of our highlights from 2018…

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Careflex launches a series of educational videos for clinicians

Careflex has launched a series of educational videos to support healthcare professionals in assessing and selecting the appropriate specialist seating solution for their patients.

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Welland Medical welcomes China aboard!

Welland Medical are delighted to announce that our innovative stoma solutions are now available in China. Welcome aboard our newest distributor, United YUYU Pharmaceutical Co.  

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Welland Medical celebrate 10 years in the Czech Republic

J+A zdravotnické potřeby are celebrating 10 years of distributing Welland Medical products in the Czech Republic. To celebrate our 10 year partnership, J+A zdravotnické potřeby invited 40 nurses and a team from Welland Medical to a 2-day Congress in Prague.

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CliniMed Team Wear Stoma Bags For World Ostomy Day 2018

The themes of World Ostomy Day 2018 on 6th October were ‘All In For Ostomy’ and ‘Speaking Out Saves Lives’. The CliniMed team, alongside our sister company SecuriCare, combined both concepts by wearing stoma pouches for the day. There were 3 aims: to show solidarity with the ostomy community; to gain a little more insight into the day-to-day life of our customers; and to help raise awareness, both within our own company and the outside world.

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2018 Poetry Competition

Earlier this year we launched our poetry competition in celebration of National Poetry Day. Every so often, our sister company, SecuriCare, receives a poem from a happy customer so we thought this would be the ideal opportunity to invite all CliniMed customers and SecuriCare service users to show off their creative writing skills, whilst also raising awareness for the ostomate community. The theme was ‘change’ and we suggested that poems could relate to anything from how surgery has changed your life, to how a particular product has changed your routine

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CliniMed Ltd awarded Bucks Healthcare Trust Stoma contract

CliniMed Ltd have been awarded the contract to supply Stoma Care services for the Buckinghamshire area covering the Trust and CCG areas.

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FMP introduce flexogeaphic printing capacity

Flexible Medical Packaging have installed a new 6-colour printing machine in their Lancashire production facility. This addition enables reduced lead-times to less than 2 weeks and supports their continued focus on quality print. With a variety of in-house printing capabilities, FMP are able to offer their customers a great selection of printing options for their healthcare product packaging.

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