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CareFlex Donates HydroFlex Chair to Vranch House

Vranch House stands at the forefront of promoting and providing essential services for the care, education, training, treatment, and welfare of disabled individuals. The charity goes beyond these core activities by offering valuable assistance to parents and caregivers, recognising and addressing the unique needs of families supporting disabled individuals. As a thank you and as an appreciation for Vranch House’s remarkable work, CareFlex is delighted to announce the donation of a HydroFlex chair. We hope the chair brings years of comfort, support, and enhanced well-being to the individuals under Vranch House’s care.

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The Launch of CareFlex MultiAdjust® Advance

Embarking on a New Era of Specialist Seating: The Launch of CareFlex MultiAdjust® Advance

In an ever-evolving world where uniqueness is and should be celebrated, CareFlex is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to its product lineup – the MultiAdjust Advance – crafted with precision and the collective insights from Health Care Professionals, family members, carers, and, most importantly, the individuals who rely on our specialist seating solutions daily. The MultiAdjust Advance is more than a product; it promises enhanced individuality and unparalleled support for those with moderate to complex postural care needs.

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Events & Exhibitions

At CareFlex, we take our responsibility as a specialist seating provider seriously and recognise that our attendance at events and facilitating training is key to sharing knowledge to ensure correct, safe and supportive seating. Please follow the link to find out where and when we are next exhibiting and holding events.

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CareFlex HQ Visited by Devon MP

We were delighted to receive a recent visit from Mel Stride, Member of Parliament for Central Devon and Secretary of State for Department of Work and Pensions, to our headquarters on the King Charles Business Park near Bovey Tracey.

During Mr Stride’s visit, we showcased our dedication to producing cutting-edge seating and engaged in discussions about our contributions to the healthcare sector and our role in boosting the local economy. The tour of our facilities provided a first hand look at our commitment to excellence and plans for future growth.

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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About CareFlex

Commitment to Comfort; True Holistic Approach; The Power of Education; Best Practice Mindset; Innovative Product Range; Market-Leading Tailored Solutions; CliniMed Group; Exceptional Standards; Green Credentials; Customer-Centric Service

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Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Specialist Seating: Collaborating for Optimum Outcomes

The assessment, prescription, and use of specialist seating for individuals with complex postural needs require a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure optimum outcomes. Interdisciplinary collaboration among Health & Social Care Professionals (HCPs) is critical for providing comprehensive care and addressing individuals’ unique needs. I thought it important to take the time to highlight the exceptional role of various Health & Social Care Professionals and celebrate the teamwork that goes into specialist seating provision.

Why is a multi-disciplinary approach important?

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Rise & Recline Chair Range

CareFlex is excited to offer a selection of Rise and Recline chairs to accompany our Specialist Seating range.

Our reclining chairs are designed with an individual’s well-being and independence in mind, aiding daily living whilst ensuring optimum comfort. The simple push of a button will raise the user forward and upward to a safe standing position or gently recline them back to rest and relax.

Rise and Recline chairs can assist in maintaining or improving the general health, and ultimately the quality of life, of users who are sitting for prolonged periods of time but require the ability to stand for transfers or mobility.

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Highlighting the Needs of Individuals with Dementia

I recently read about NHS England’s exciting new dementia diagnosis drive where hundreds more individuals will be checked for dementia. This specialist service is being trialled across England through 14 new pilot schemes; care home residents will be proactively assessed for their condition by Specialist Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals.

A timely diagnosis ensures that individuals and their support network can manage the condition more effectively, and it can promote improved health outcomes. This new initiative will open doors to needed support, including information, advice and treatment. It also allows the care homes to tailor their support and informs long-term care planning.

Continue reading to learn how specialist seating can play a role within the wider holistic management of dementia to ensure all needs are met, given the impact the condition can have on movement and posture.

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MS Awareness Week (25 April to 1 May)

This week, CareFlex will join Multiple Sclerosis (MS) communities across the United Kingdom to mark the 2022 awareness campaign.

For this year’s campaign, the MS Society is supporting different activities and encouraging opportunities for individuals to share their stories. At CareFlex we are committed to raising awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and will play our part by aiming to increase knowledge around the importance of postural care.

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World Parkinson’s Awareness Day

On Monday 11th April, CareFlex will join Parkinson’s communities worldwide to mark the 2022 awareness campaign. Parkinson’s UK has declared that not enough people understand the experience of living with Parkinson’s disease. People don’t know it’s a serious condition; they don’t realise that treatments are limited and there is no cure.

“It’s time to start the conversation. It’s time to talk about Parkinson’s.”

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