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MS Awareness Week (25 April to 1 May)

This week, CareFlex will join Multiple Sclerosis (MS) communities across the United Kingdom to mark the 2022 awareness campaign.

For this year’s campaign, the MS Society is supporting different activities and encouraging opportunities for individuals to share their stories. At CareFlex we are committed to raising awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and will play our part by aiming to increase knowledge around the importance of postural care.

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World Parkinson’s Awareness Day

On Monday 11th April, CareFlex will join Parkinson’s communities worldwide to mark the 2022 awareness campaign. Parkinson’s UK has declared that not enough people understand the experience of living with Parkinson’s disease. People don’t know it’s a serious condition; they don’t realise that treatments are limited and there is no cure.

“It’s time to start the conversation. It’s time to talk about Parkinson’s.”

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Welland Board Update

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Duckworth, formally Head of Engineering, has joined the Welland Medical Board as Operations and Engineering Director.

Sarah joined Welland with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind her. We caught up with her to discuss her new venture and time at Welland.

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Welcoming Caroline Rudoni

We’re thrilled to welcome Caroline Rudoni to CliniMed/SecuriCare. Caroline joins us as our new Patient & Clinical Services Director (Designate).

Caroline has had an impressive 30-year career in stoma care across hospital, community and commercial settings. Caroline joined us in January 2022, after a career with Convatec/Amcare and we’re thrilled to have her on board. We’re excited to see her share her experience and expertise with us to continue our mission to make positive changes within the industry.

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New Look Curan Lady

We’re thrilled to introduce Curan Lady, the same great product, with a fresh new look.

Following customer and HCP feedback requesting a more feminine, discreet and aesthetically pleasing product, Curan Lady has been given a makeover!

Curan Lady’s new appearance includes a change of colour and a new curved appearance while maintaining all the features and benefits that make this ISC such as popular choice among patients.

(Please note, there will be no changes to the Curan Lady box or the catheter itself.)

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Fowler’s Syndrome Awareness Month

Fowler’s Syndrome is a rare disease despite being the most common cause of urinary retention in young females.

The symptoms caused by inability to empty the bladder may include back pain, suprapubic pain (pain above the bladder) and dysuria (burning and discomfort whilst passing urine) as a result of urinary tract infection.

The cause of Fowler’s Syndrome remains unknown and is currently the subject of research.

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Helapet Donates Microscope To Local School

During a regular tour of our manufacturing facility to identify ways to improve efficiencies as part of the 5S policy, the microscope was spotted as an unused item that had been languishing in the corner following introduction of more advanced inspection techniques.

In order to make way for more efficient processes, it was decided to remove the unit and find another owner in a drive to be more environmentally aware.

Helapet has a strong ethos of giving back to its local community so went in search of a worthy school to receive the microscope and were pleased to discover local middle school, Houghton Regis Academy, would accept and make use of it

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Careflex Exhibitions

We would love to welcome you at any of the forthcoming events. Please follow the link for details.

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Careflex Study Days & Webinars

If you are actively involved in specialist seating and would like to attend one of our free specialist seating study days or virtual webinars please email or sign up to our email list. We email those who have signed up to receive our emails, webinar and registration details one month prior to each event.

Please follow the link for proposed dates.

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Helapet Charity Giving

During the run up to Christmas, what should be the most joyous time of year can be one of the hardest. So, while most companies purchase greeting cards to wish their customers great joy, we sent our customers personal and digital wishes of joy for the Christmas season and offered the money that would have been used on printed greeting cards to a charity that is close to our team’s hearts.

At Christmas 2021, we donated to the Cynthia Spencer Hospice in Northampton.

It is important to Helapet that we give back to the community where we belong: 2021 saw Cynthia Spencer Hospice play an important role in one of our colleague’s lives and we wanted to be able to give our thanks for the Hospice’s amazing work.

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